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Bad Book Blues

19 Dec

Don’t you love that feeling when you finish a book that was just great? Maybe it caught you by surprise, like Jennifer Castle’s You Look Different In Real Life did when I finished it yesterday, or maybe it fit the ticket for exactly what you needed. Either way, it leads to a warm feeling when you read the last page and reverently close the book, sitting there and just being for a few minutes before snapping out of that world that the book had you caught in.

Then you dive into another book, hoping for the same wonderful experience, and the book is mediocre, or subpar, or just plain¬†bad.¬†That’s what’s happening with me right now. The good news is, life is too short to read books that you hate (unless they’re assigned for school, in which case, suck it up and make the best of it), and there are far more great books out there that you have time to read.

So. On to skimming Lauren Conrad’s Infamous so I can read and review better things– and hopefully I’ll get a review up of You Look Different In Real Life soon!